Why I Should Not Consider You My Girlfriend Instead of Just A Hookup

Why I Should Not Consider You My Girlfriend Instead of Just A Hookup

Here are reasons why you are only a hookup and not a girlfriend if you are on the other side of the story, that is, if the man you are seeing already has a girlfriend or simply does not want to commit:

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Even though he may have told you he is ready for a serious relationship, he does not want to be in one. He does not want to commit. The lack of drama is one benefit of having someone you can sleep with whenever you want without fear of repercussions. He won’t be required to explain to theĀ El Paso FHA where he was the night before. To give you the impression that you have a chance at this, he told you that he is ready for a relationship.

He receives all benefits; at least, he does so from his perspective. He has someone to sleep with, there is no drama going on around him, and he is not forced to defend himself, listen to his girlfriendĀ  or complain about how he isn’t there for her. He is able to fulfill his sexual needs without feeling any emotion. And this kind of setting is ideal for guys who do not want an emotional connection.

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Sex – Will it Increase Your Chances at Love?

You made a cheap sale because men enjoy the hunt and are drawn to girls who can play hard to get. You pretty much sold yourself short by offering that. You were duped after hearing him say a few words. He recognized it, and he is now fully exploiting the circumstance. He is not emotionally involved and doesn’t want to be, so it doesn’t matter if you start to feel that way.

He doesn’t like you, which may unfortunately be the case. Your hookup is only interested in the El Paso FHAwonderful sex you share, not in you as a whole person.

He is emotionally distant; perhaps he still has feelings for his ex or is grieving over a broken heart. Who knows, Perhaps he is simply infatuated with a girl he can’t have and is using sex to get over her. The moral of this story is that he will never see you for what you are, a potential El Paso FHAgirlfriend, but only as a hookup until he gets over the other person. And although the sex may be wonderful, it won’t make his emotional problems go away.